BMX in Korea

As some of you will be aware I have been invited to Korea by the Korean Cycling Federation (KCF) to work on their BMX Development Programme for Young riders. The brief came in two parts-firstly to attend the first KCF BMX coaching course and give three “lectures” on various topics and secondly to visit 16 BMX teams, observe a session, give some feedback to the coaches and maybe do some coaching myself if appropriate. So far I have been here for 2 weeks and it has been a great experience! The staff from KCF are all very enthusiastic and committed to developing cycling in their country. They are also very helpful to me and I am very grateful that they are looking after me so well and introducing me to their country and their culture.

Update: Just over 5 weeks in Korea flew by and before I knew it I was travelling to the airport to start the long journey home. I had a great time, met some great friends and hopefully had an impact on the development of BMX in the country. I also got to travel around the beautiful country and experience an amazing Eastern┬áculture. I’ve uploaded some more photos below and I hope to be back sometime.

Here are some pictures from my trip and a video of the first race at the completed Yang Yang BMX track (courtesy of Korea Bike School):


Motorpacing Korean style-no Derny’s here but check out the roller on the back of the bike!





Sculpture featuring various sporting greats in the Olympic Museum, Seoul. Centre is Sohn Kee-Chung, Korea’s first Olympic Gold Medallist (although he had to run for Japan in 1936!).



Olympic Mascots through the years in the Olympic Museum, Seoul.




The huge athletics stadium in Incheon-host of the Asia Games in 2014. A fantastic facility.

Incheon track-right in the heart of the city as you can see from the buildings in the background.

Incheon track-right in the heart of the city as you can see from the buildings in the background.


Incheon BMX club-coach giving instructions.



Incheon BMX club again-cornering practice.



The 333m Olympic Velodrome. Sadly I couldn’t see inside. Is this the last Olympic Track not to be 250m?



Seoul’s World Peace Gate at the entrance to the Olympic Park.



Seoul’s Olympic Park. World Nation’s flags flying.



The entrance to Seoul’s Olympic Museum. Interesting place, well worth a visit.



Practice time for the coaches on the coaching course. Some balanced really well, others needed a little support to start.



Talking to the coaches during the practical section of the BMX Coaching Course.



Yang Yang BMX group photo-you can see the velodrome and team tents in the background.



Yang Yang BMX Club Session underway-pretty warm in the sun!



Just about to start the practical element of the coaching course.



71 coaches from around Korea attended the coaching course-a great sign even if high numbers make engagement challenging sometimes.



Work has started on the Yang Yang BMX track-it’s got a way to go but the basic shape is getting there.



Yang Yang velodrome viewed from the top of the first Berm on the new BMX track. It’s by far the nicest outdoor track that I have ever been to!

Full travel Itinerary-we covered a few kilometres!

Full travel Itinerary-we covered a few kilometres!