Skills Sessions

Mountain Bike Skills Sessions

Do you watch MTB videos and wish your riding could be more like the riders you see on the screen? Flowing through trails, looking effortless skimming across rooty sections or jumping off small drops? Do you want to improve your skills? Be able to ride trails faster, more smoothly andĀ more efficiently? Or maybe improve your confidence on jumps and drops? If you do, skills coaching can help.

As with all Fit In No Time services, our skills sessions are tailored to the individual or group taking part in order to make the biggest improvement to riding ability.

Some of the techniques that I will focusĀ on in Skills Sessions are:Skills Session with Fit In No Time!

  • Front Wheel lift (Manual)
  • Powered Front Wheel lift (Wheelie)
  • Rear Wheel Lift
  • Bunny Hop
  • Track Stand
  • Body Position
  • Braking
  • Cornering

These are the fundamentals of good riding-if you can improve on these, your riding is guaranteed to be better whatever type of riding you love!


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