Nicky Degrendele

“Over the past year and a half Scott has not only helped me as a cyclist but also as a person. I feel like I have grown a lot since we started working together. Since the beginning I felt very comfortable and peaceful around him. I could talk about anything whether it was if training didn’t feel ok, I was missing home and was struggling with my emotions or if I felt like I had questions about nutrition – questions about anything really. I knew I could count on him back when I was in Switzerland but now that I’m back in Belgium, I know I can still count on him. 

I feel like Scott can work with any athlete no matter where the athlete is from or what their background is. He treats everyone the same by treating everyone differently. He will put maximum efforts in to make it work.”

Tegshbayar Batsaikhan

“Scott is an important person for me. because he’s my coach, who led me to become the owner of the World Championship rainbow jersey.

I think he’s a great coach. because his coaching skills are unique in nature and are very kind to his athletes. he feels the strengths and weaknesses of his athletes and provides us with an excellent training. He is sincere in his work and I am happy to do his training under his guidance.”

Alec (Pedaler) Briggs

I’ve had the pleasure of working and keeping in touch with Scott since he started coaching me as a youth and continues to do so now at the age of 27. Scott is the one who unlocked the potential in me to race at an international level as a junior, and now continues to facilitate my success of making a living out of racing and riding a bike internationally all over the world with his guidance from a distance.Scott enabled me to understand my own potential and gave me the tools to prosper self sufficiently both physically and mentally. It is safe to say the privilege of riding my bike as much as I do and as well as I do would not have been possible without Scott’s guidance over the years, for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Nicholas Paul

It was a great privilege and the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be at the UCI World Cycling Center. From the first day I arrived, the staff made me feel right at home. Although it was a big change to my routine, climate, culture and nutrition, I quickly adapted. The experience taught me how to be an all-round professional athlete: punctual, confident, committed, responsible, focused and self-motivated. 

The training was of a high level, very effective and easy to understand, with a well-organized program. The coaching was professional and cordial, which made a very comfortable training atmosphere to develop me mentally, physically and technically. I was always instructed on how to achieve optimal results, also I was very impressed with the introduction of the watt bike to monitor my progress throughout the training camp.

The camp enabled me to make giant leaps towards achieving my goal of representing my country at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Joanna Rowsell MBE

“Scott was my first ever cycling coach and began coaching me in the winter of 2004. I was a complete beginner to cycling and not only did he provide me with training plans tailored to fit around my studies he also spent time out on the bike alongside me to help develop skills which are essential for racing. I think it’s fair to say cycling didn’t come naturally to me at first but all his hard work paid off and in 2005 I won the National Junior Pursuit title at my first attempt. While Scott coached me I competed in cyclo-cross, road racing, track racing and time trialling and his expertise across these different disciplines was particularly helpful as I endeavoured to develop all the areas of my cycling as well as working on my physical conditioning. I found Scott’s knowledge of sports science helpful as he could explain the reasoning behind each session.”

Gary Kirk

My wife bought me a group of sessions with Scott as a Christmas present. At the time I was in the early stages of riding the track. We worked together on a personalised programme that fitted in with my busy work schedule. This involved track training and turbo sessions. This was so successful that I carried on using Scott which culminated in me taking part in the Good Friday track meeting at Herne Hill, something I wouldn’t have considered before working with him.

I now spend my time riding MTB and have spoken with Scott on several occasions for advice and we even met up at Cwumcarn where he took me riding which was great fun and very enlightening.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services as in my opinion he is a very able, patient and professional coach.”

Melanie Alexander

“I have been coached by Scott since winter 2011/spring of 2012. In that time I have gone from being hopeful of finishing in the top 5 to rarely finishing outside the top 5 at national XC races. My development in this time has been as a result of Scott’s commitment to my training and racing. The structured training plan is just one element of Scott’s commitment; he also places a strong emphasis on providing feedback and in depth review of strengths plus areas to improve on in my race performance at national level races. This keeps my training plan relevant to my development and is further benefitted by advice on other elements of racing such as mental preparation and how to structure my race day. All this combined makes me a stronger racer.Scott is easy to talk to, happy to be contacted and very approachable – I never feel like a nuisance contacting Scott which is often daily. Scott’s belief in my development keeps me focused and enhances my confidence. Overall I believe I can achieve more which makes me enjoy racing and riding my MTB even more and keeps me driven. I highly recommend Scott as a cycling coach (unless you are racing against me ;-))”

Jake Charlton

Before I started being coached by Scott, I was training 6 days a week using the turbo,
rollers and club rides but I was not achieving what I wanted to. Once I started
being coached by Scott, I was still using the turbo, rollers and doing the club
rides but each session was structured and I began to achieve the better results
that I was after”

Nikki Charlton (Jake’s Mother):

“We had felt for a while that Jake was going through all the motions of training, but what he was doing, or the quality, was not quite right. He was not getting the results he was looking for. We did not know the specifics of what he should have been doing, so Jake asked Scott to coach him. I really felt that Scott focused him and gave him the specifics that he needed. I feel that Jake benefited hugely from Scott’s coaching.”

Leona Kadir

“I would say I am fairly difficult to coach. I lose motivation very easily and get bored very easily. I get very frustrated with myself and often have very little self belief. Scott dealt with all of these things really well. The training was never repetitive and despite being really hard, it was actually quite enjoyable mostly! He was always available when I needed to ask questions and made me talk about why I was frustrated after races which really helped me deal with it all. I trained with Scott in the run up to my biggest race so far, the world marathon championships in South Africa. I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or more prepared for a race.”